Social Media Scripting Framework v0.5 BETA

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Released: Jan 20, 2014
Updated: Jan 26, 2014 by cveira
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Release Notes

1. Available modules:

  • Social Media: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn
  • Other Digital Media: Feeds (RSS, Atom, RDF, WXR)
  • General Purpose: Datasets, Web browsing,
  • Data Stores: Excel
  • Total functions: 131

2. General Changes

  • New Design/Architecture:
    • Unified Data Structures for all Digital Media channels.
    • Unified semantics for all Digital Media channels.
  • Configuration and Session profiles.
  • Data versioning support.
  • Data privacy policies.
  • Data expiration/aging support.
  • Data tagging/labeling support.
  • Data normalization has been made mandatory and transparent to end users.
  • Improved data quality checks.
  • Significantly enhanced user experience and ease of use. The so-called "Timeline rebuilding" concept is no longer needed or used.
  • Logging and caching capabilities.
  • Improved and enhanced exception handling.
  • Improved Debugging/Tracing capabilities.
  • Now function names try conform more closely to PowerShell naming conventions.
  • TimeLine analysis functions are now independent from the Digital Media channel.
  • Basic help-based documentation.
  • Lots of bug fixes.

3. Twitter:

  • Native API support over HTTPS.
  • Web scrapping helper functions: 5
  • API-related and other internal functions: 22
  • High-level functions: 10
    • Get-TwTimeLine, Update-TwPosts, Update-TwPost
    • Get-TwUserProfileData, Update-TwUsersProfileData, Update-TwUserProfileData.
    • Search-TwPosts.

4. Facebook:

  • Partial native API support.
  • Web scrapping helper functions: 3
  • API-related and other internal functions: 5
  • High-level functions: 5
    • New-FBConnectionDetails
    • Get-FBTimeLine, Update-FBPosts, Update-FBPost

5. LinkedIn:

  • Native API support over HTTPS.
  • Company Pages and Groups.
  • API-related and other internal functions: 15
  • High-level functions: 6
    • New-LINConnection
    • Get-LINTimeLine, Update-LINPosts, Update-LINPost
    • Update-LINEngagedProfiles, Update-LINUserProfileData


  • Native API support over HTTPS.
  • Web scrapping helper functions: 1
  • API-related and other internal functions: 1
  • High-level functions: 5
    • Get-BLOAuthToken
    • Get-BLLinkGlobalMetrics, Get-BLLinkMetrics
    • Measure-BLImpact

7. Datasets:

  • Load/Save to XML.
  • Dynamic & 'relaxed' DataSet mapping (lightweight ETL-like capabilities).
  • Internal functions: 5
  • High-level functions: 3
    • Import-DataSet, Export-DataSet
    • Update-DataSet

8. Excel:

  • Primitive operations: Load, Save.
  • Internal functions: 6
  • High-level functions: 2
    • Import-ExcelDataSet, Export-ExcelDataSet

9. Feeds:

  • Support for RSS, Atom, RDF and WXR (WordPress eXtended RSS).
  • Internal functions: 7
  • High-level functions: 4
    • Get-FeedTimeLine, Update-FeedPosts, Update-FeedPost

10. Other Core functions:

  • High-level functions: 27
    • Get-SNTimeLine, Update-SNPosts
    • ContertTo-PrivateTimeLine, ConvertTo-PrivatePost
    • ConvertTo-PrivateUserProfiles, ConvertTo-PrivateUserProfileData
    • Expand-TimeLine, Measure-TLTopics, Measure-TopicsTrends
    • Measure-SMPostTopics, Measure-SMPostConnections, Measure-SMPostProspects, Measure-SMPostTimeProfile, Measure-SMPostImpact
    • New-SMSessionStore, Get-SMSessionStores, Remove-SMSessionStores
    • Set-SMProfile
    • Test-SMSettings
  • Browsing functions: 3
    • Get-PageSourceCode, Get-PageSourceCodeFromIE, Open-WebPage
  • Helper functions: 6


1. Facebook:

  • Current implementation doesn't make consume the Facebook Insights API.
  • Prospect list is known to be accurate though incomplete (only the first four elements of each entity seem to get reported). It seems to be a problem or a limitation on the current implementation of the Facebook Module.

2. Feeds:

Despite having well defined and standard formats, parsing RSS feeds in the real world without any flaws represent quite a significant challenge. If you'd ever tried, you know what I mean... The current version does a "decent" job, but I am afraid that it is still far from being perfect.

Eventually, you will find some errors on data acquisition coming from these formats. I have tested current implementation against thousands of posts in different formats. However, my experience shows that this happens on a small percentage of them. Anyway, you should know that this could, occasionally, happen.

Hopefully, this will be improved on future versions ... ;-)

3. Excel Datasets:

The Excel library used (EPPlus) might find a "hard time" with certain Excel files. This situation has been reproduced during the test phase. However, the alternative of using Microsoft Excel via COM Autoamation is not considered "suitable" because of its serious performance limitations: it took it almost 2 hours to read a 100 lines from a file.


The nature of the Social Media Scripting Framework is very "data focused". As a result, the only thing we need is to be able to read and write data back and forth. Should you find any problem, just copy your raw dataset into a new and clean workbook; do your processing and copy the data back into the original sheet.

Eventually, I will find a library that minimizes problems on this area. In the meantime, we shall live with this workaround.

4. General:

Current Libraries don't work reliably under a PowerShell Module. However, they do work perfectly fine as standalone functions under the context of the 'Social Media Scripting Console'. The source of this problem is still under research.


Last, but not least, I would like to thank anyone that have helped me in anyway achieving this milestone.

Some of you have helped by fixing bugs, providing feedback or when I was blocked with weird coding issues. Others have shared code so that I could learn from your contributions. In addition to those that have helped me with the technology, I would also like to thank all off you that have encouraged me and supported me so that I was able to go on.
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