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In a few words, this project tries to become "The SQL of Social Media Channels".


The Social Media Scripting Framework is a PowerShell-based environment that abstracts the complexities of modern Social Media Channels from the PowerShell command-line. This enables any regular user (arguably, a 'power user') to leverage the content, connections and relationships of those channels in a completely new way.

Web technologies work nicely as User Interfaces. However, the aim of this project is to explore the possibilities of a new 'form factor' for consuming and exploiting 'social content' and 'social relationships' in a decentralized and cloud-independent way.

This Framework is not for software developers, although they could actually enjoy it too. In fact, it provides easy to learn abstractions and constructs so that any user (arguably, 'power user') can play with the 'Social Universe' and connect it with his/her information store of choice in a convenient way. In other words, empowers the 'Information Worker 2.0' with new tools and capabilities to develop his/her work.


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